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Let me start by thanking you all for visiting my photoblog - esperienza. It is really motivating to receive your valuable comments and suggestions. Special thanks to Yogesh, who helped me spread-the-word about esperienza. In 2 months time esperianza had more than 6,000 page visits. I received praise-emails from people whom I did not know and now I am in constant touch with all these new net-friends I made via my photoblog. Its great.

I would also like to thank Vivek, Shiv and Yogesh (again) for joining me at the My Kolkata Photo Trips. Till now which has been the most appreciated section. This wouldn’t have been possible without such great friends.

Coming up soon photos from the My Kolkata photo trip 2. Places covered Indian Botanical Garden, Maidan, Rail Museum, St. Paul’s Cathedral, Bhoonath Temple (Shivratri), Shaheed Minar, Howrah Bridge (again) and as usual traffic on the move. Click here to see photos from My Kolkata photo trip 1.

Keep visiting esperienza and thank you once again.


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VIP Night Vision
Probably this the best night vision photo I have taken till date. This is the view from my studio-room in VIP Condochain (university residence), Cha-am, Thailand. The main building (yellow one) in the center is Dusit Resort (a 5 star resort) and the next (green one) to it is Thailand’s Prime Minister Thakshin Shinawatra’s summer house.


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