Are there any new perspectives we could try that would provide new advertising opportunities? On top of something? Underneath, behind, in front, outside, inside? Yes there is – New / Alternative Media.

Traditional kinds of media types in the advertising field:

  • Print Ads (Newspaper, Magazine, Outdoor, Billboards, Poster, etc.)
  • TV Commercials
  • Radio
  • Online

The most recent addition is New / Alternative Media

  • It could be anything…
  • If it works, if its new and creative, it’s a new / alternative media

Advertising is the business of drawing public attention to goods and services and persuading the customer to buy. Drawing attention of the public is really difficult. An average person spends nothing more than 1 or 2 seconds before he moves to another page while going through a magazine. In this span of 1 or 2 second the advertiser has to grab the attention of the customer. It is very difficult. That’s why advertisers came out with new and creative advertising methods. So that they can grab the attention of the customer and leave a reminder in the customer’s mind.

You have to see it to understand the concept of new media. Here are few samples of new media I collecting while searching the internet.
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Audio Guerrilla – Underground grates
Audio boxes are installed under the underground gates situated in the busiest part of town. Throughout the day, passers-by hear the sound of harsh screams of a tortured man. The acute cries blare from under the grills and alert the pedestrian to look down and read – “Today 133 journalist are imprisoned and tortured all over the world. No freedom without freedom of press.”

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Body Copy's English Translation - Children don't simply disappear like this…If you worry about them soon enough, then it won't be too late. More Time for Children .

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Don’t Jump
This was printed on top of local buses.

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It sucks
Electrolux redesigned this building to promote the new 2000 watts vacuum cleaner.

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Ready to Quit?
Nicotinell helps you quit smoking. What better way to show what smokers inhale and exhale.

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The best informed gossip magazine. This magazine had similar kinds of boards placed all over the city.

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Get up and run
This poster was glued to chairs in restaurants and cafes close to the VIP gym.

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"Drop your bag!"
This bag was given when you bought a book by Belgium's most famous crime-writer.

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Look your best
Bustop is a lingerie shop. The ad is a vertical banner of about 2 stories high. It has a printed banner with a cloths attached to it which probably either moves by the wind or some strings are attached to it and is blown away once in a while.

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On a photo convention in Kiev, Ukraine Kodak practiced assvertising by hiring at least two girls in ridiculously short skirts to roam around and drop their pens from time to time. And, yes it's a Kodak logo on her panty.

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Real time Yoga
This poster intentionally comes off, so that the viewer by trying to fix it actually helps demonstrate the product.

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Only in a jeep
This is most probably a guerilla campaign, where stickers are attached to peoples parking cars side mirrors. The images show wild terrain where only a Jeep could go. Great idea and beautiful execution.

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iPod Nano cut outs
Real size plastic iPod nano cutouts were pasted on the walls of Tokyo subway. You could pull them off and take home. On the back it had a promo coupon.

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Fitness Company
Found inside subway trains.

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When rain hit the outdoor the white top layer became transparent.

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Just one bite

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Duracell escalator

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Nail biter gentleman

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Nike Sprint

I hope you enjoyed the little collection of new media ads. Just imagine the hard work and creative thinking put behind making all these ads. Here is a brilliant self promotional ad from a prestigious Ad Agency (People who develop new media ads.)

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Old or Young (Sexy)
Body Copy
"Cannes Lions 2005
2 Gold Lions
1 Silver Lion
1 Bronze Lion
Most awarded agency of the WPP group.
5th place in the "Agency of the year" ranking.

JWT Brazil
76 years, so what?"

The above JWT ad is not a new media ad, it is a print ad. Whereas all the other ads in this post are new media ads.


Vivek said...

those were really some gr8 ads....

no doubt all this requires a lot of grey cells....

we hope to see some of them coming to Kolkata soon.....

or else we cud do something of this sort in Kolkata....

garhwalk said...

Thanks Vivek. Why not? Let do something creative!!

Piyush Kumar said...

Hats off for these kinda creativity.

Anonymous said...

Wow!! some good stuff - btw just read your profile - advertising hmmm... even i'm into it.. so what are u doing currently apart from the shutterbug activity..nisha

vp said... any new ideas??????

garhwalk said...

i did a minor in Advertising and Marketing Communication while I was studying UG in Webster University. I like deisgning ads and posters. and websites too apart from taking photographs.

many ideas, just waiting for the right oppurtunity... else will create it