Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is Kuldip, tell us all…

He is all that can be and nothing that could never be:

To describe him would be discourteous, to him and to you as a reader, as it can never be done accurately. All that he is, is made of tedious work. The hair is, if noticed carefully, dyed and colored but naturally white, due to all the stress undertaken. The black eye bags denote the insomniac sleeping behavior in recent times. The lips move less compared to others as it expresses the thinking before saying anything. The broad shoulders and widened body frame illustrates him as the descendant from Haryana of a Jat family. Feet firmly rooted in the grounds display the humble upbringing by parents and a manner of respecting the elders. Big palms tell stories of giving more to the needy than of greed of wanting more.

"Perfectionist." Whoever knows him, vouches for the same. Every aspect of anything has already gone through his head before yours. Is known to get under stress and annoyed if things are not done as he would do them: perfectly.

"Businessman." Almost never has lunch on a normal time. There is no moment that he's not thinking about the markets, buying and/or selling steel. Did a favor to the others by not entering the corporate world.

"Photographer." Each pixel needs to be there for a reason. After having clicked more than 40000 digital pictures, he now shoots the world with his Nikon D80 Digital SLR camera.

"Blogger." Esperienza, allows to witness the world through his eyes. Could possibly become a module itself in a time-management course.

"Cook." Stories of his version of Maggie has travelled like wild fire around the world; a specialist in cooking chicken, and also has a chicken dish named after himself, the kuldip chicken. Expertise includes Thai & Italian cuisine.

"Good listener." Was never known as someone who talks too much, but has a knack of listening to other people, unfortunately, his memory doesn't always serve him right. As a result has some very talkative friends.

"Movie buff." There are very few weekends which are spent without watching at least one or two movies. Comedy, thriller, drama, romantic, anything, as long as it keeps him entertained and seated in one place for around 2 hours.

"Mr. Photoshop." The software was created for him to master. He can turn any image to his own creation with some time with Photoshop. He made a habit of gifting photos of his work and there's nothing else that can be that customized for anyone. Don't forget to get yours.

"Mr.Glove-Hands (Cricket Fielding)." He has broken batsmen's glasses with his googlies; he has tainted bowling figures of the best bowlers in the Webster Sixers; but he was never selected in a team for either of the qualities. He was taken for the ability to be able to hold on to catches. And it's a very simple procedure: see a ball flying, just put up the hand, and close the grip, that's it, done.

"Fast learner." To be able to study for exams with only a hour left, would be hara-kiri for most, but that was the manner in which the Bachelor's degree in Business Administration from Webster University was acquired.

"Webmaster." The 'web' bug hit him at a young age, made a gang called "Spaceboyz" for designing web pages, etc. Took the hobby further to start up iPixel Studios and later designed the WUT's presence on the web, currently mastering the 'esperienza' blog.

"Traveler." Has traveled to more cities in Thailand than a resident in the country for over 20 years. The digital camera has never rested in any of these trips and doesn't expect to get any in the future trips.

"Creative." His tendency to get bored in a spilt of a second has heightened a hormone called creativity to double up in his blood levels and as a result is illustrated through his photography, designing, blogging, etc.

"Treasurer." Put him in a room filled with money, and he will make it talk. Having mantled the responsibility for handling the greens for Webster Thailand Student Council, he decided to do the same with his business. 

"Helpful." Although no enemies are known, nonetheless, even his enemies would vow of this quality and ability of his. Where many think of their self-interest, the thought of the common good comes first to him.

"Trustworthy." Another quality that sets him apart from the crowd, if he's given his word, you wouldn't need anything else.

"Dynamic." Hardly a man to get bored with; if you want to learn multi-tasking the recommended dosage of one hour with him would be more than enough.

"Marketing guy." The persuasion skills taught by a certain professor are instilled so deep, that he can sell anything and everything under the sun. Well, for starters, he makes good money selling steel. His work can be visited here.

"Prankster." This is the meaning of 'fun' in his dictionary. A manner in which to de-stress, who needs the Osho Ashrams?

"Chicken lover." Any place with good chicken: be it a restaurant, friend's kitchen or even a dhaba which boosts of any well prepared chicken dish, he can be found.

"Good soul." There could never be any accurate or any other means of measurement for the soul. As a very famous Indian poet and saint has penned: "...Jab paida hue toh jag hansa hum roye; aisi karni kar chalo, hum hanse jag roye..."

If I tell you more, then you will be in awe, and that would be a mistake.

As told by the mirror on the wall.

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