Here is the testimonial my friend Sharad Agarwal wrote for me:

"kuldip aka kuldip...well no name that i could think about...the only thing that strikes me when i think abt him is his energetic and lively behaviour which very few possess...i do...everyone knows that...
he is really a hard working chap...and does his work with utmost care and diligence....
total freak abt gadgets and electronic stuff and half of the time we chat abt those stuff only...and ya we also share common liking for english movies... 
i can trust him with my eyes closed... except... when he is behind me...ha ha ha...jus jokin
he is a true friend and brother to me

kuldip, vineet, arun and me have been together from school days and we really get along very well (koi nazar mat lagana, kala chashma pahen ke padhna)
we all love goin to movie every sunday and enjoy ourself."

Retrieved from my Orkut Profile.