My friend, Adam Huber, from Webster University emailed me to vote for the Top 10 shorts films in YouTube PROJECT:DIRECT. His short film is also selected in the Top 10 list. Following is the film ("A Bunny Thing Happened on the Way to Work" ) made by Adam. 

Please go to to vote for films you like.

Adam's email:

Subject: Send my Film to Sundance! Please
Hallo Friends!
So about a month ago my brother and I were in St. Louis for the holidays and he approached me with the idea of making a short film for a Youtube short film contest called Youtube Project:Direct - a 7 nation contest. The film had to be submitted on by December 14th. and could only be 5 minutes or less. Of course, hearing that the winning film and filmmaker would have the chance to go to the prestigious Sundance Film Festival, I was on board. With only a week and a half we scrambled to write a script, shoot, edit, color correct and score the film. We were just hoping we might make the top 20. Well, about a week ago I was notified that I was in the top 20. Fantastic, but the best part is that now we have been selected by the Sundance panel as being in the top ten, meaning that from today until Jan. 3 audience members can log on and vote for their favorite film. Winner goes to Sundance and the top three all get their films sent off to industry executives. So now I need your help. If you wouln't mind, please go to the link below and vote for our movie:

"A Bunny Thing Happened on the Way to Work". 

It is a cute film and is only 3:40 min. long, so it will take no time at all. Vote for whatever film you like best but I would love it if that happens to be mine :) Please, help send me to Sundance this January. This is like the American Idol of filmmaking. So wie Deutschland Such Sein Superstar in Deutschland.

Remember, you can only vote once a day for the next week but you can vote all 7 days if you choose. Please do if you have the time! Thank you so much for your support! Ich hab' euch lieb!

Also, my new email address is I'm only sending from my because ya'll are still in this address book. Sag' Hallo, wenn ihr Zeit habt'. Ich vermisse euch!

Sincerely, Mit Lieben Gruessen,


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