1. Everything you eat is savored in garlic, onion and tomatoes.

2. You try and reuse gift wrappers, gift boxes, and of course aluminum foil

3. You are Always standing next to the two largest size suitcases at the Airport.

4. You arrive one or two hours late to a party - and think it's normal.

5. You peel the stamps off letters that the Postal Service missed to stamp

6. You recycle Wedding Gifts , Birthday Gifts and Anniversary Gifts

7. You name your children in rhythms (example, Sita & Gita, Ram & Shyam,
Kamini & Shamini.)

8. All your children have pet names, which sound nowhere close to their
real names.

9. You take Indian snacks anywhere it says "No Food Allowed"

10. You talk for an hour at the front door when leaving someone's house.

11. You load up the family car with as many people as possible.

12. You use plastic to cover anything new in your house whether it's the
remote control, VCR, carpet or new couch.

13. Your parents tell you not to care what your friends think, but they
won't let you do certain things because of what the other "Uncles and Aunties" will think.

14. You buy and display crockery, which is never used , as it is for special occasions, which never happen.

15. You have a vinyl tablecloth on your kitchen table.

16. You use grocery bags to hold garbage.

17. You keep leftover food in your fridge in as many numbers of bowls as possible.

18. Your kitchen shelf is full of jars, varieties of bowls and plastic
utensils (got free with purchase of other stuff )

19. You carry a stash of your own food whenever you travel (and travel
means any car ride longer than 15 minutes).

20. You own a rice cooker or a pressure cooker.

21. You fight over who pays the dinner bill.

22. You live with your parents and you are 40 years old. ( And they prefer
it that way).

23. You don't use measuring cups when cooking.

24. You never learnt how to stand in a queue.

25. You can only travel if there are 5 persons at least to see you off or
receive you whether you are traveling by bus, train or plane.

26. If she is NOT your daughter, you always take interest in knowing whose
daughter has run with whose son and feel proud to spread it at the velocity
of more than the speed of light.

27. You only make long distance calls after 11 p.m.

28. If you don't live at home, when your parents call, they ask if you've
eaten, even if it's midnight .

29. You call an older person you never met before Uncle or Aunty."

30. When your parents meet strangers and talk for a few minutes, you
discover you're talking to a distant cousin.

31. Your parents don't realize phone connections to foreign countries have
improved in the last two decades, and still scream at the top of their
lungs when making foreign calls.

32. You have bed sheets on your sofas so as to keep them from getting

33. It's embarrassing if your wedding has less than 600 people.

34. All your Tupperware is stained with food color.

35. You have drinking glasses made of steel.

36. You have mastered the art of bargaining in shopping.

37. When you have Taco Bell sauce stocked up in your glove compartment or pantry, or any other place where you can store sauce.

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numero uno: good at heart
persuasion skills
logoical n critical thinking
err, logical n critical thinking n analysis
business brain
know how of how to deal in a tight situation
peoples management capability
technological knowledge
openess to change n adaptability
good looks
time management
can do work n relax later in day
hospitality skills
(an expert at taking ppl to hospitals)
movie knowledge n database
avid interest in food-ing
creative brain
and the manner in which it is used so that creative ideas r used in practical terms
very social
production management
OMG!!! how cud i miss this: COOKING
choice of clothes
OMG!! another biggie: photographer
keep room tidy n always keepings things at the right place
best at cricket

the list goes on...

1. God is real, unless declared integer.
2. Before borrowing money from a friend, decide whether you need more.
3. Death is hereditary.
4. There are three sides to every argument: your side, my side and the right side.
5. An expert is someone who takes a subject you understand and makes it sound confusing.
6. Many things can be preserved in alcohol. Dignity is not one of them.
7. Never argue with a fool. People might not know the difference.
8. When you're right, no one remembers. When you're wrong, no one forgets.
9. Cheer up, the worst is yet to come.
10. Always remember that you are absolutely unique. Just like everyone else.
11. Well done is better than well said.
12. Everyone makes mistakes. The trick is to make them when nobody is looking.
13. Always borrow money from a pessimist. He won't expect it back.
14. If you can't see the bright side of life, polish the dull side.
15. Where there's a will there are five hundred relatives.
16. Everybody wants to go to heaven, but nobody wants to die.

Thanks Dumbo!!

golmaal hai bhai sab golmaal hai
golmaal hai bhai sab golmaal hai
arrey golmaal hai bhai sab golmaal hai
arrey seedhe raaste ki yeh tedhi chal hai
seedhe raaste ki yeh tedhi chal hai

bhukh roti ki ho toh paisa kamaeeye
paisa kamane ki liye bhi paisa chahiye
mange se na mile toh pasina bahaeeye
paisa hai jab pasina toh rumaal chahiye

rumaal ban gaya bhi kar kameez fadh kar
kameez ki liye toh phir kapada chahiye
arrey kapada kisine daan hi mein di diya chalo
darze ke paas jaake woh pehle silaeeye

bin sile kameez pe toh kuch nahi liya
sile hui kameez pe silaee chahiye
silaee dine ke liye phir paisa chahiye
paisa kamane ke liye phir paisa chahiye

Celebration means.....
A winter evening
Four friends.
One barsaat.
Four glasses of chai.

Celebration means.....
Hundred bucks of petrol.
A rusty old bike.
And an open road.

Celebration means.....
Maggi noodles.
A hostel room.

Celebration means.....
3 old friends.
3 separate cities.
3 coffee mugs.
1 internet messenger.

Celebration means.....
Rain on a hot tin roof.
Pakoras deep-frying.
Neighbours dropping in.
A party.

Celebration means.....
You and mom.
A summer night.
A bottle of coconut oil.
A head massage.
Gossiping about absent family members.

you can spend
Hundreds on birthdays,
Thousands on festivals,
Lakhs on weddings

but to celebrate
all you have to do is spend your Time with
your loved ones.
Keep in touch with your loved ones......

aisa dost chahiye jo hume apna mann sake,
humare har dukho ko jaan sake,
chal rahe ho hum tez barish mein,
phir bhi pani mein se aansuo ko pehchan sake...
jaam se kabhi itni nafrat naa karo
ki peena chaho toh kabhi pee na sako..
kisi ko bhi itna pyar na karo,
ki bichad kar jeena chaho toh jee na sako...
na kabhi muskurahat tere hoothon se dur ho,
teri har khwaish haqiqat ko manzur ho,
ho jo tu kabhi mujhse kafa,
khuda na kare mujhse kabhi aisa kasoor ho...
kabhi unki palko se izhar hoga,
dil ke kisi kone mein humare liye pyar hoga,
guzar jati hai rat unki yaad mein,
kabhi toh unko bhi humara intezar hoga..
mumkin nahi shayad kisi ko samaj pana,
samjhe bina kisi se kya dil lagana,
aasan hai kisi ko pyar karna,
bahut mushkil hai kisi ka pyar pana..
aag suraj mein hoti hai,
jalna zameen ko padta hai,
mohobat negahein karti hain,
tadapna dil ko padta hai..
bekhudi ki zindagi hum jiya nahi karte,
jam dusro se cchin kar hum piya nahi karte,
unko mohobat hai toh aakar izhar kare,
peecha hum bhi kisi ka kiya nahi karte
hum se duur jaoge kaise,
dil se hume bhulaoge kaise,
hum woh khusboo hai jo saanson mein baste hain
khud ki saanson ko ruk paoge kaise...

Bird sings a song 4 u (gud one)

Valentines day courage (ok ok)

Poke penguin at ur own risk (time pass)

A new way 2 say i love u (must watch for all dumbos)

New way 2 break heart (cool)

Spiderman dance (gud song)

Jungle meeting (only for u)

Here are a few pics which I clicked on the way to home (Liluah).

Photos of Howrah Bridge

To view more pics in the same series go to
Evening in Kolkata - Crazy Pics of Howrah Bridge

Here are more pics I clicked...

To view more pics in the same series go to
Evening in Kolkata - Crazy Pics of the City of Joy

Visit 123Kolkata - A Tribute to the City of Joy

The 40th Annual General Meeting 2007 of Don Bosco Liluah Past Pupils Association.

Venue: Don Bosco School Liluah, Howrah, WB
Date: 15 April, 2007.
Time: 9:30am onwards

Click on the above photo to enlarge and see many more photos from this event.

Here are a few of my photographs which I have clicked, printed, framed and hanged in my room.

These photo are still to be printed and framed.

15people attended the party.. let me c if i can rem all of them...
amit, arun, sachin, vineet, sharad, vivek, mittal, mandhani, barmecha, anand, shiv, souresh, yogesh, ravi, & me (kuldip)

anand goel - mad-freak-joker

mohit mittal - model-hero - 2day he is "pinky"

ravi shukla - indian idol - yeh apna kishore kumar hai yaar

vineet garg or vineet agarwal - i dont know for sure cos even he doesnt knows for sure - dearest friend

arun agarwal - meri body bhi dekho - pahalwaan schumacher

sachin bansal - baal - lazy ass

shiv prasad - feel like god

check out the pics of my bday party at fusion also.

ps: no hard feelings with the names.. just njoy them.. and feel free to comment on them