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Some excellent outdoors from Bates 141 Kolkata.
Art and Illustration : Diptanshu Roy
Copy and CD : Arjun Mukherjee
Agency : Bates 141 Kolkata




Very elegant lounge and authentic fine dining restaurant. I njoyed the garlic chicken i had at afraa.


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Dada Dadi

My Dada ji (Grandfather) : Choudhary Ram Swarup Garhwal Kagdanvi, Freedom Fighter.

My Dadi ji (Grandmother) : Bhaagi Devi.

Kagdana Home

Our house in Village Kagdana, District Sirsa, Haryana.

Advertising Agency (Name, City, Country): Sudler & Hennessey, India
Agency website:
Creative Director: Sudhakar More
Art Director: Parvej Pathan
Copywriter: Priyanka Sabnis
Photographer: Prashant Anjikar


Source: Desi Creative.

“No matter what you says, a picture says more. Dinodia Photo Library”

Advertising Agency: Leo Burnett, Mumbai, IndiaExecutive Creative Director: Santosh Padhi
Art Director: Santosh Padhi Copywriters: Russell Barrett, Santosh Padhi 
binladen  gandhi  popepamela 

Source: Desi Creative.

Kuldip School

This picture is from my Don Bosco School Liluah’s Annual Sports Day. I guess I was in standard 2 then. Yipee I WON !!!

Ladoo (Karan)  and Diya simply loves pet. Be it a dog, cat, or rabbit.... even a monkey. Dont worry kids your mom is gonna get you a pet soon. When you guys are old enough to handle the responsibilities of a pet. By the way I shall also get a dog when I move to the new house. 

Found on Yogesh's Desktop.

By the way the original quote is, 
"Persistence is to the character of man as carbon is to steel." Napoleon Hill

Diya with Hutch-wala-dog.

Diya with an German Shepherd.

Diya with a Cat.

Diya and Karan with a Buffalo.

This is Sharad's hand on the day of Rakhi. 
Sharad I challenge you cannot tell which Rakhi was tied by whom.

The Best

This year the rain has created a lot of problems. There is flood in major parts in India. People have lost their homes, families, lives, etc. Here is photo I clicked of a water clogged street in Howrah. 

Notice the men hanging on the TMT Rebars (Rods) on the top of the Skyscraper. 
This photo was clicked while I was on the move... in New Delhi. 

Kolkata's largest mall I guess - South City Mall. The stuff out here are expensive. The food court is good. How can we miss the only SIX Screen Multiplex - FAME CINEMAS - which is right here at South City Mall. The GOLD CLASS is a must go for couples. 

Yogesh Goel (YG) on Phone.
YG and I went to Dhakineswar on my bday (4 April '08) to distribute some sweets/food to the needy people and pay our tribute to Ma Kali and Lord Shiva (which has now become an annual thing for me an YG.) The above photo was taken when Yogi was tensed attending a call probably from his dad (who must be bombarding him with QUESTIONS, QUESTIONS and more QUESTIONS.) Hahaha. This photo was taken at Dhakineswar, at the background is the famous Bally Bridge on the Ganges.

Event : Play - Love in the Tub

Location : ITC Sonar Bangla
Date : 17 Aug 2008
Organised by : Unitech

Sharad tagged along with me to watch this wonderful comical play. We simply enjoyed the play. Acting was superb, plot was great, overall it was an awesome evening.