With the bride and the groom 


Dining Hall

Riddhi all dressed up in baby pink color ready for the wedding. 
This photo was taken at 3am just before Riddhi was about to join Sharad on the Mandap for the wedding.

Vineet looking girls... Is Vineet thinking about Prachi right now?

Sona, Riddhi, Sharad and Poonam.

Kuldip, Riddhi, Sharad, & Veeni

Sanjay Jiju and Poonam

Neelam, Pooja, Payal, & Veeni

Pooja, Arun, Veeni, Kuldip, & Vineet

Payal, Mohit and Baby Khushi. Happy family.

Newly wed - Pooja and Arun
They got married on 22 Nov

Vineet, Shiv and Rakesh.

Kapoor and Mitti