At Sharad's wedding we all noticed an historical event. The MERGER of two great super powers and the FORMATION of MITTI WAYS INCORPORATION. The merger took place between the great super power Amit Agarwal (MITTI), owner of Sri Ganesh Rolling Mills Group of Industries (Sister concern of Chaparia Group of Industries) and super duper power Vineet Garg, owner of Greatways (WAYS) Transport Pvt. Ltd. 

The deal was signed on 29th Nov 2008 at the Hyderabad International Convection Center at Novotel. Followed by a delicious lunch served on silver plates, the great super powers also discussed  business oppuurtunities and future expansion plans. 

Vineet and Amit, Directors of Mitti Ways Inc, sealing the deal at the Novotel Hyd.

Both Directors planning for the future

Outside the conference hall.

Mr. Vineet Garg (Director of Mitti Ways Inc) with Mr. Shiv Prasad, MBA, the newly appointed CFO of Mitti Ways Inc.

Both the directors like Novotel so much that they bought the hotel right then and there and announced that Novotel Hyd will be the future head office of Mitti Ways.

The directors also signed a deal with EMAAR (International Real Estate Co) to develop properties like, offices, factories for Mitti Ways Inc.

Both directors were so happy after signing the MoU that they wished each other the desi way.

Both directors right outside the conference room (in the background all the other executive of the conference)

After the deal was signed and all the deceisions were made, both the directors left in their Toyota Camry for the airport to catch their chartered flight to Washington DC for dinner with President Elect Barrack Obama to disccuss future ventures with Mitti Ways Inc and America. 


Mitti said...

jattuuuuuuuuu...hadd hai yaar..disgustin...hahaha

Kuldip Kumar Garhwal said...

mitti, come one.. ur the director of mitti ways inc, you should not make such a statement in public website (my blog)