Movie: YES MAN
Good movie, must watch, this movie teaches us that we should say YES to life, because if we say NO then we will miss on the oppurtunities life has in store for us.

Here are a few glimpses of the movie:

Movie Poster


Jim Carrey's Friends hanging out at Jim's house.

Jim Carrey trying to save a man who is going to suicide by singing a song

Jim Carrey being converted to a YES MAN

Jim Carrey on the Guitar

Jim Carrey reading the YES brouchure

Jim Carrey fell on the ground after jogging, taking photos from his mobile, prior to that he was drinking all night with friends

Jim Carrey

Jumping from a bridge


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I have not watched this movie, but if Jim Carrey is the protagonist, I have not doubts it should be so entertained, because this guy always make me laugh.

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