My dear friend Sharad got married to Riddhi on 29 Nov, 2008. 

This is a photo from the Ring Ceremony.

The wedding took place in Hyderabad at The Taj Krishna, Banjara Hills. Till date it was the most brobdingnagian wedding I been too. It was huge. It was extravagant. It was luxurious. It was beautiful. It was very well organised. Good job by the Riddhi's family as well as Sharad's family. 

We all left Kolkata on chartered Indigo flight on 28 Nov afternoon. There were 192 guests in the baraat. The food served on the flight was prepared by Sharad's family (Haldiram Parivaar). The presentation of the food was marvelous. It was served on a stunning red color box with the words "Sharad weds Riddhi" printed on it. The food was also delicious. 

As soon as we stepped down in the new Hyderabad Airport, Riddhi's family had a great welcome program prepared for the guests. Each and every one of us was presented with a Hyderabadi Pearl Necklace. Welcome drinks were served right inside the Airport (near the luggage counter), which was a little shocking but I guess money can buy entry to anywhere and everywhere. 

All the 192 guests were then escorted towards the parking area, where more than 85 luxurious sedan cars were waiting for us to be transferred to The Taj Krishna. Optras, Accords, Aveos, Accents, BMW, Audi, etc. Name the automobile brand and it was there. 

As soon as we reached The Taj Krishna, we all were escorted to the Taj Garden Room where High Tea was served. After which we went straight to our rooms and got ready for the Geet Function which was supposed to take place in the same evening at Rock Heights, Hi-Tech City, Hyderabad. 

The geet function started very late. The program started off with a local hyderabadi sufi singer, singing some of Late Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan's songs. Then the usual family dances and songs, mostly from Riddhi side of the family. The program ended with almost all the close family members dancing on stage. Which was later joined by friends. Everybody had dinner and moved back to the hotel. 

Later that night, a bachelor party was organised at the Aalah Disco at the Taj Krishna. It started at midnight and went on till 4am. We all friends danced like mad. It was great fun. 

Next day morning, breakfast was served. After which we all got ready to go to Novotel to have our Lunch there. The luncheon at the Hyderabad International Convection Center was the most well presented lunch I have had till date. After which we all returned to the hotel to get ready for the wedding. 

The baraat left hotel to go a nearby house, to come back to the hotel. This was done because the wedding was taking place at the same hotel where we were residing at. Therefore the baraat had to come from a different place. 

Sharad was on the Horse and we all got ready to dance. And we danced and danced and danced... It was so tiring that literally my lungs were paining. It was great fun. We danced for like 1 hour or so. After which we were all wet due to perspiring. 

Then the varmala took place, which most us friends missed because we were all wet, so we had to go and get fresh. After which the reception started. In other words, everybody was getting photos clicked with the bride and the groom. The wedding was supposed to start at 1am (yes, after midnight.) But it started at 2am. The groom was called in at the mandap at 3am. I was on my bed by 4am. All my other friends were asleep long time before at 1am only. I heard that the Sajjan Ghot (formal family dinner) took place at 5am in the morning. The wedding ended at 7am. Wonder why the wedding went on for so long. There were around 8 pandits who were taking care of the religious proceeding of a hindu wedding.  

Next day morning after the breakfast, the vidai took place, everybody left for the airport and once again boarded the chartered flight back to the city of joy Kolkata. Hence the wonderful experience of the most extravagant wedding I attended till date got over and Sharad and Riddhi took the first step together for a lovely journey called life. I wish them a happily married life.

I clicked over 600 photos thought the hyd trip. I am publishing more than 100 of them. Njoy.

PS: One more reason why this trip was wonderful because I got to meet my fiancee Veeni after 5-6 months. :) 
PS2: Heights of Technology: Throughout the whole Hyd trip, everybody received SMS on their mobile, with detailed information abot the next event.
PS3: Meger of two great super powers and formation of Mitti Ways Inc.



Unknown said...

Amazing pics kuldip,gud work....

Kuldip Kumar Garhwal said...

thanks mamta.

Unknown said...

great pics. once again congrats to sharad and riddhi. wish them a great and joyous life ahead.