Uni World City

Lorries outside Unitech

Heights at Uni World City

More than 70 building will be made at Uni World City

Approximately 22 floors on an average

Harmony at Uni World City

Gardens at Uni World City


Unknown said...

hi kuldip,

i am also one of the investor in uniworld city in downtown project. but the sad part is that unitech is unable to complete the construction. i have asked them to terminate my contract and return the money as per agreement, but they say that paying 32 lac at this momnent is not possible.
A company with a project worth crores is unable to pay 30 lac. i am suspecting foul play. i would request you to retake a look in your investment. You may call me on 9331002016 to discuss the situation.

rita-myskybird.Blogspot.com said...

I am almost ready to invest in the upcoming Unitech Vista. Do u think I am doing the right thing? Kunal has set me re-thinking

kunal said...

hi rita,

If you have the patience to wait for more than 6 yrs to get an apartment then you may do it. Unitech is already behind by 3 yrs in the current phases.
Moreover the money that u give them would double by this period hence investment is not a good option at all.

Unknown said...


I am about to invest in Unitch Vistas. However, the above comments have put some doubt in my mind. Can you please suggest whether investing with Unitech is a wise decision.

Thanks and Regards,

Kuldip Kumar Garhwal said...

@all the above investment queries:
I do not think that investing in Unitech's New Town Project is a good idea, cos they are very highly priced at this point in time. something around 3000-3500 per sq on an average. i bought an apartment at unitech to live there not as an investment... i liked the project.. the design... and the location.. and most imp the facilities... and after all the brand name UNITECH... its after all the top real estate group in india... etc...
if you are looking for investing in real estate, then you should opt for the projects which are just starting now,,, cos they will offer you apartment for cheap.. of course you have to hang along with it for long... for example if you would have invested in Unitech in 2004... when they started this project... they were giving aways apts for only 1600 with a 6year installment plan.... what say abt that... so i would suggest dont go for an investment in it now... investment in real estate is always good for long term... if u r looking for short term go for share market instead...

Unknown said...

Hi.. I think at this point of time investing in Unitech seems to be safest option as the real estate market in India is now picking up, Unitech Vistas which has a very good location and upcoming metro route , which will definitely in turns gives very good returns in 3 to 4 yrs time , would suggest to go for it.


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