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New Bridge (Vivekanada Setu) and Howrah Bridge (Rabindra Setu) over the holy Ganges connects Howrah and Calcutta. Howrah bridge was made by during the British Rule. It is a wonder in its kind. The new bridge was built during the past decade.

This page is dedicated to my friend Gofran, who is so fascinated with Howrah Bridge and the guava sellers around it. Gofran is the liveliest and most passionate person I have met in my life till date.

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Ganges Horizon (New Bridge)

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Traffic on Howrah Bridge

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Howrah Bridge

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New Bridge

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Princep Ghat

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Amit Goel said...

hey dude!!
went thru al ur blogs!! kinda liked it..
gr8 job mate..
d pics were awsome.. i speccially liked d howrah bridge ones..
kinda me me yern to come back to cal..
do kkep up d good job

vp said...

where is the guava man under the bridge??

garhwalk said...


ask gofran?

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EMVE Studios said...

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