With the wish to capture Kolkata in my camera, I requested my friends (Vivek, Yogesh and Shiv) to join me on a photo trip. I had made similar photo trip earlier. (Read - Early morning boat (photo) trip...) This time I wanted to take photographs of the bridges over Ganges and Victoria Memorial in particular.

We started off at 6:21 am exactly from Liluah and headed towards the New Bridge. After clicking few photographs quickly (fearing that the cops who were patrolling might catch us clicking photos, which I guess we aren’t supposed to do) we moved on. Vivek (the religious one) wanted to visit the Kali temple at Kaligaht. None of us took a bath, but we were at the temple worshiping Kali the Goddess of Death. After clicking a couple of photos around, we went to Sharma’s Tea Stall to have breakfast.

A very interesting thing happened at Sharmas. A couple of reporters from a local Hindi newspaper (Vishwamitra) wanted to interview us. They wanted our view about Valentines Day. After interviewing all four of us, they even clicked our photograph and promised that they would publish our thoughts and photo on the special Valentine’s Day supplement. (They actually did.)

Then we moved to VM… Victoria Memorial. While I was busy clicking photographs of VM, Vivek spotted many couples (GF & BF) who came down at VM to do, whatever they do. And as usual Vivek’s witty brain started to cook naughty ideas. From the reporters at Sharmas who interviewed us, Vivek got an idea of playing a prank on the couples at VM. He wanted to act as a reporter and ask these couples about Valentine’s Day. Vivek interviewed several couples and got some interesting/funny views. I was acting as the photographer for the newspaper, but none of the couples wanted to get there photos taken for the newspaper. (I guess they did not tell their parents about their love.) But I couldn’t help myself without clicking any photographs of the lovers.

I clicked 195 photos that morning and I have published over 50 of them on my blog.

Click to view enlarged photo
Victoria Memorial (VM)

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Red Flower

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In line with nature

Find the difference
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Real press 1

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Real press 2

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Anonymous said...

great pics...they have made me waiting for the other 145 pics that u have not posted....when do v get to see them?!

ur friends r like u...u r creative in taking photos, and ur friends in mischiefs....hehe

take care and keep having fun

Anonymous said...

Lemme` introduce myself - I'm Nisha, from calcutta now stationed in chennai - studying here. Today happens to be my birthday .. to add to the general junk, found this mail in my inbox, and nothing could hv made it better - when i saw calcutta there!Oh i miss that place so much, as i was seeing the pics, i could spot almost all the places and the nostalgia - i'm bound! My dad has his roots from Howrah - - Nepal saha lane - the south indian association there, and i just couldn't stop thinking about it.Good job dude, drop in a mail at ramanisha@rediffmail.com.. thanks

Anonymous said...

Dear Kuldip,
Very good collection and I like your interest. I am in Bangkok now and have a good collection of photos. This is very nice place to visit and stay for sometime, ofcourse not alone.

my id chatwithrai@yahoo.com

Kuldip Kumar Garhwal said...

go to www.yogeshgoel.8m.com for the other 145 pics

thanks for stopping by on my blog.
i hope u liked my gift on your bday.

thanks for your commment. your email id is wrong, i am unable to email you.