Read: “My Kolkata” for introduction.

As you might have already read in the “My Kolkata” post, that its was Vivek’s brain behind the Pranky Press. So I asked him to write about it in his own words. This is how it went according to Vivek.

Pranky Press is the 2nd Version of the Casting Couch (India TV- Rajat Sharma Fame), which I believe most of you are aware of. As already mentioned by Kuldip, we turned into Journalists from The Statesman, informing the couples we interviewed that the said newspaper would be publishing a special supplement on Valentine's Day and hence we would publish their views and opinions in the said publication.

Initially, the couples were hesitant on being interviewed but once the pitch was set, all couples sitting around were convinced that we were actually journalists and hence were open to providing their suggestions.

In toto, we interviewed 5 couples, though I wanted to try some more but Yogi was in a hurry so we had to limit it to 5 only. Some interesting facts that came up during the so-called interviews are as under:

Question: What is your opinion about V-Day - Should it be celebrated in India - Should we follow the western culture?

Answers: Most people answered in the affirmative except one who was against this Western Culture. This guy suggested that a new day in India should be celebrated as an equivalent for V-Day. When asked which day, he replied - Jhoolan Poornima. I was not aware of this day so he explained that this was the day when Lord Krishna met Radha. He also added that V-Day was actually a kind of Business Promotion for Card, Flower, and Gift companies, to which I completely agree. One interesting charater, was so enthusiatic that he wanted V-Day to be celebrated as a National Holiday and there should "All Love and No Work" on this day so that he could spend 24 hours with his beloved and the girl was blushing. Infact, this guy wanted celebrations on a grand scale just like the New Year Parties.

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Vivek and Shiv interviewing couples at VM

Question: Are the people of the earlier generation right in their view - so called narrow minded, or should they accept the change?

Answers: All said that the old-gen should change their mindset and accept this change and be open to V-Day Celebrations. But one, guy said that there should be limits imposed in the celebration. So please "don't cross your limits".

Finally, we asked them to be photographed, to which all refused completely. I was just wondering that when these people were so open to this love-stuff then why were they so afraid to get photographed?? Afterall, I believe that Shakespeare had rightly said - "They do not love that do not show their love". So, do you call them true lovers or are they too just posing to be what they are not, just like we did?

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poornachander said...

Nice pics Keep it up
good one

Anonymous said...

Damn good photos ! you have captured the 'city of joy' aspect illustrating that life is on day in day out for the man literally on the street! may be you did not have time to click the plush side of life catching the elite areas like alipore road, southern avenue,the new fly overs at lower circular rd / gariahat. the glamour of park street !!

vp said...

good u guyr r mischevious..

garhwalk said...

thanks for your comments

thanks for ur suggestion, i will keep that in mind when i go for my next photo trip

yes we are mischevious

Sandip said...

Hey Dude,

These are real cool ones..

I always wanted to "get caught in the act" at VM, but it never happened. Hope to return to my city asap and feel the pulse.


Waise, compliments ke liye thanks.

garhwalk said...

you are welcome. keep on posting.