Do what we feel right or do what our elders tell us? It’s a simple question but I guess has a very complicated answer. For example, yesterday some guruji (saint) came to our apartment. So almost every tenant was supposed to go and visit him, take his blessing and offer him some donations. My mom asked me to do the same. I told her, see mom I do not believe in these things so I will not go and visit him. She tried to persuade me for quite sometime but then she failed and went alone. I felt bad.

I do not understand why our elders have to tell us what we should believe in or not. Aren’t we old or educated enough to choose between right and wrong? Can’t we make our own decisions? Do our elders just want us to follow them?

I understand that our elders have more experience but they should not live our lives. I do not know if what I did was wrong or right, but at least I did what I believed in. I do not want to follow the crowd blindly and get lost in it. I want to choose my own path.

What do you think? What should we do?

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vp said...

i think that at this stage in life, all the elders can do is to try and 'persuade' us, rather than forcing us to do anything, and they do expect us to do what's told to do, but sometimes we think otherwise, and in that course, somebody is going to feel hurt; either us (i mean, if u did do what ur mom told u to, would u have been happy doing it?, i guess not) or they will get hurt, its just unavoidable...
"believe everything, trust nothing"

garhwalk said...

thanks for your views