Ariel view of KWIC

Probably my future home. Ciputra and Salim Group (construction company from Indonesia) are building KWIC. It will consist over 6,000 bungalows, several high-rise apartments, club, hospital, school, etc.

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KWIC is located in Howrah (west side of Kolkata) on national highway 6.

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We (me, mom, dad, Manoj) went today to check out the place and view sample bungalows. Construction is going on 24/7. The whole project is divided in phases. First phase will be completed by December 2007 and 450 bungalows will be handed over to the owners. The whole project will supposed to end by 2010. Above is a sample illustration of the bungalow, which we are planning to book.

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The above is the photograph of the main gate of the ‘Ciputra Hanoi International City’ in Vietnam. The same is being built for KWIC (I saw the horses at the construction site.)

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vickey said...

dear bunty keep it up its nice to see that friends of mine doing such great things keep on doing

garhwalk said...

Are you Vickey (Vikas) who used to live on the 6th floor at ganga apartment?
email me at

vp said...

ur future home..dream on dream on...

but the place does look amazing...

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