The Telegraph, Calcutta, Monday 30 January 2006, Page 18 Editorial section. "Ruining a good case - The IIMB was rightly refused permission to expand overseas" written by S. L. Rao.

I read this article today morning. The Indian Institute of Management Bangalore wants to open an overseas campus in Singapore. On the other hand the Indian Government is not supporting this act. And the above mentioned article has pointed out some wonderful points why the Indian Government is right.

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I am not an expert on IIM but I agree to S. L. Rao's point-of-view and the decisions of the Indian Government on this topic. Lakhs of students give entrance exams for joining IIM, a few thousands of them are called for an interview and only a few hundreds of them get actually admitted. Just imagine this happening in India - a country with the second highest population in the world. So many people do not even get chance to study. "The IIMs must first focus on significantly adding their student intake."

Before going abroad and setting up campuses there. Invite foreign students to India and serve them in India. When that is done successfully then thinks about going to their country and setting up campuses there.

But prior to all that, the IIMs seriously needs to think about taking more Indian students. There is no point of going and teaching others until we can teach ourselves.


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vp said...

agree with S.L. Rao's point of view, at the same time, i dont think IIM should get too lineient with their admission process..

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