January 26, 2006 was the Republic day of India and the Don Bosco Liluah Past Pupils Association (DBLPP) organized annual reunion day. More than 450 people came. It was good to see friends from school once again after a long time.

We (me, Vivek, Yogesh and Shiv), the so called 'PR Committee' of the DBLPP were supposed to take care of the displaying all the advertisements of the sponsors, take care of the projectors, etc. We also prepared a 5 minute long presentation regarding DBLPP. Which could not be presented completely because the projector shut down during presentation (technical difficulties.) Though we presented 3/4 of it by then. Only some statistics and credits were not displayed.

Anyways the show overall was okay. No more comments. Have a look at the photos.

Click to view enlarged photo
me while presenting

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dancing with friends on stage

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everybody at the end of the show


vp said...

looks like fun

garhwalk said...

ya it was.. actually we made it fun