During my North India trip, I met India’s Most Wanted kids. They are naughty (Ladoo), dangerous (Diya), angry (Jadoo) and quite (Misti). It was fun spending time with these kids though. Have a look at their photos.

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Ladoo with Jadoo
Jadoo’s real name is Aryan and he is the one on the scooter. On the other hand Ladoo’s real name is Karan, and he is the one with all the broken teethes.

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Dangerous Diya
Diya is the most dangerous one. She pulls my hair a lot and sometimes even beats me up. Its fun though. She is very fond of new dresses. Dolly and I got her the pink one from Darjeeling, which she is wearing in the photo. She is so naughty that once she cut her mom’s wrist (Titan) watch leather belt.

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Angry (Young) Man
Jadoo is the angry young man. Whatever he wants he is gonna get it. But the best thing about him is the way he runs.

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The Sweetest One
Misti (Sweet) is the latest one. She is quite and like a little fat rossogulla.

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Medha (Mom) with Misti
Congratulations mom and dad (Iqbal Jiju).


vp said...

ur english is still bad, seriously proofread...

"Have a look at there photos."

Shyam said...

abbe saale
apni behan ka aur apna naam likh dia ... even i helped u to buy the jacket for all the most wanted kids...

garhwalk said...

official announcement

mr shyam (my jiju) also helped in buying the jackets for india's most wanted kids. he is also patner in crime. haha. sorry for not mentioning your name earlier. thanks for posting your comments.

vp said...

the coming up of a new gang of dawood ibrahim or what?!?!