I registered myself for Photo 1000 - Traditional Black and White Photography class with Ajarn Buddhaporn when I was at Webster. We learnt how to click photographs with a Single Lens Reflex (SLR) camera and then print it ourselves in the dark room. You might be thinking that what’s so difficult about a photography course it might have been fun. No, it was sincere hard work. We had to stay inside the dark room for hours and hours just to get one good print.

Everything from loading the film onto the camera to clicking photos to loading the exposed film onto the cartridge in a dark room to washing the film in chemicals to developing the print in the dark room, was painstaking hard work and required a lot of time and précised strategic steps to develop a good photo.

Over a period of 8 weeks we were required to submit three assignments with 4 photographs each. Each assignments were supposed to have a theme. At the end of the class four best photos (portfolio) clicked by each students were selected and displayed at the graduation ceremony of Webster at Hilton Resort and Spa.

Below is my photo statement (“What makes a good photo?”) which was displayed along with my portfolio photos.

Photo Statement
Kuldip Garhwal
Major: Bachelor of Business Administration
Minor: Advertising and Marketing Communication

What makes a good photo? It’s not an expensive camera, not a beautiful landscape, neither the perfect angle. It’s the photographer, who ensures the ideal composition, light, shape, line, form, etc which adds life to a photo.

If you want to become a good photographer, start taking photos with a digital camera. It’s fast, easy and inexpensive. In digital photography what you see is what you get. In the last three years, I have clicked 14,349 digital photos. One does not have to worry about light meter or shutter speed (complicated techniques of traditional photography), since it is automatic. Digital photography has improved my ability (composition, light, etc) to take photos.

But when I started using a Single Lens Reflex (SLR) camera, I found out that the real essence of photography lies in traditional black and white photography. Let me explain how a photo is taken with a SLR camera.

When you take a photograph, the film in your camera is exposed to light. The quality of your photograph depends on how much light reaches the film, and how long the film is exposed to the light. Two camera controls, aperture size and shutter speed affect exposure.

The size of a camera’s aperture regulates how much light reaches the film and also determines the photographs depth of field. The camera’s shutter speed controls exposure and the appearance of moving objects in the photograph. Exposure is determined by the combination of aperture size and shutter speed. The two controls act together to produce the final image.

If you master the combinations of these two controls, you can take good photographs. But in traditional black and white photography, what you see might not be what you get, because your final outcome depends upon the darkroom techniques used. The best combination of burning, dodging, choosing a filter, f-stop, exposure time, etc will result in a good print.

I learned a lot in this class, thank you Buddha.

Assignment 1 - People
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Egyptian Photographer

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Philosopher in deep thought

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Swimming through life

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Thai smile and crepe

Assignment 2 - Point of interest or Fine Art
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Complicated Twirls

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Sunday Morning (After Party)

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Tile Texture

Assignment 3 - Nature

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Lightning Sunlight

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Untitled cave

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Way to eternity


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Road to home

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Swimming through life


Adroit said...

This is my first comment at your blog.

Thanks for saying that you started your blog inspred from that of mine. But nevertheless it is ur humble feelings that inspired to say these in the first place.

I am going through your blog and will finish through your previous posts very soon.

Presently... the pictures are good. I am not being specific for reasons.
Your "photo statement" did state many things for the beginners.

I will get back to your posts soon. (once i get fully online!)


vp said...

neglected was the best of all photos.

Piyush Kumar said...

Hi Kuldeep,

I must say u r a great photographer. I still wondering y don't u take this as a professional. Believe me u'll rock with this.

Can u plz tell me which Camera u r using. if u wish u can send me mail @ piyushku@gmail.com

Thanks for sharing wonderful photos,

Keep it up,

garhwalk said...

shamasis (adroit)
thanks for your humble comments

ya i know, "neglected" is my best among all