This winter I traveled from Calcutta to Siliguri to Darjeeling to Delhi to Hisar to Kagdana to Rohtak to Jaipur and then back to Calcutta. It was a 15 day long trip, met lots of people, ate lots of food, and of course traveled a lot (trains, buses, car, etc). And to top it all, my brand new iPod Video got sick and had to take a vacation to the states. So I spent my reading magazines while traveling. Below are a few pictures from the trip.

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Birla Mandir, Jaipur
I took this photo while I was sitting in the car and waiting for the red light to go green. It is so amazing how the Birla’s have built a temple in almost all the major cities in India.

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Hisar Sunset
Notice the rising line the cloud is making. It seems its indicating the growing stock market in India. Haha. Not funny. I know it.

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Taj Mahal
I saw the Taj Mahal for real. Though, I was really far sitting in a train. But I saw it. Sher, you always told me that you live in India and you never saw the Taj Mahal. I was so excited when I saw the Taj Mahal from the train while passing the Agra railway station that I even told lady who was traveling with me that see we can see the Taj Mahal from here.

I clicked a few pictures at Darjelling also, but it’s with Dolly (my sister). I will post it on my blogs as soon Dolly or Shyam Jiju sends me the pictures. So guys hurry up.


vp said...

they dont only have birla mandirs in all major cities of india, they even have one in a small unoticed town called saraburi...

garhwalk said...

see that is why it is unoticed.. cos its in a village(not a town) in thailand