Today there were serial bomb blasts in Guwahati and its surrounding regions. Earlier this year bomb blasts took place in Delhi, Mumbai, Jaipur, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Maalegaon, Varanasi, Ajmer Sharif, etc. Till now Kolkata and Chennai is not bombed. Is it next in line to be bombed? 

What is going on in this country?

No place is safe in this country? What is the source of all this recent bombing?

Recent Bomb Blast in India

New Delhi (PTI): Following is the Chronology of some recent major bomb blasts in the country:

September 2008: Six serial blasts occurred in Delhi, killing 15 people and injuring more than 50.

July 2008: Nine explosions in Bangalore create terror killing two persons and injuring twelve.

May 2008: Eight serial blasts rocked Jaipur in a span of 12 minutes leaving 65 people dead and over 150 injured.

October 2007: 2 persons killed in a blast inside Ajmer Sharif shrine during Ramadan in Rajasthan.

August 2007: 30 people dead, 60 hurt in Hyderabad 'terror' strike.

May 2007: A bomb at Mecca mosque in Hyderabad kills 11 people.

February 19, 2007: Two bombs explode aboard a train from India to Pakistan, burning to death at least 66 passengers, most of them Pakistanis.

September 2006: 30 people dead and 100 injured in twin blasts at a mosque in Malegaon.

July 2006: Seven bombs on Mumbai's local trains left over 200 people dead and 700 others injured.

March 2006: Twin blasts at a railway station and a temple in Varanasi killed 20 people.

October 2005: Three bombs placed in busy New Delhi markets a day before Diwali killed 62 people.

Data Source: The Hindu.
Photo : A man breaks the windshield of a car to look for people possibly trapped inside after a bomb blast in Guwahati, the main city of India's troubled northeastern Assam state, one of a string of bombs that killed dozens on Thursday. Utpal Baruah/Reuters. 


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