This Durga Puja went on great. Out of the four day: 
  • day 1 - I went for a pizza PARTY
  • day 2 was major pandel hopping (from 10pm at night till 5am in the morning) 
  • day 3, i was dead on bed... resting till 12 am... then went to work
  • day 4 went for dinner at a fine dining restaurant - IVORY. great food. drove around a little bit.

We some how managed to order 8 pizzas and this is what came on the table for the two of us (me and yogesh) to eat. So it was four pizza's per person. But it was great cos Dominos serves the best pizza's in town and all 8 were different toppings. We finished 4 pizzas and took home the rest.

This was clicked on the way back home by Yogesh on the Howrah Bridge. Notice the vanishing Bus in the picture.

One of the best decorated pandel in Calcutta. The whole pandel was decorated with hand made embroidery. Very innovative and interesting. Even the Ma Durga idol is very creative.

"Khul Ja Sim Sim"
The concept behind this pandel was the caves of Ali Baba and his forty thieves.

Spelling error at one of the pandels (Machua) showcasing a crocodile at it Zoo pandel.

This photo was clicked at around 3am in the morning. The poor security guard fell asleep during his duty. For the first time, we did notice a lot of pandels having security guards. I guess its cos of all the Bombings all around India. But I guess Calcutta is safe till now. It has Ma Durga's and Ma Kali's aashirwad

Gudda Guddi pandel
This pandel was great. It was simply made of Gudda and Guddi. Great work. 

Food found at a stall near a Durga Puja pandel

More food.

Met 'Dada' Saurav Ganguly at a Pandel. He allowed us to click his picture with Ma Durga

I don't know whats wrong with these two guy. On the left is Mohit Barmecha - popularly known as the most irritating person alive on earth known by me (if you dont belive me click here and google will prove it to you.) On the right is Shiv - for some weird reason he did not remove his helmet through out the trip .. while walking.. talking.. hopping... even when photographed. And for some weird reason they are trying to act like Abhishek Bachan and John Abraham from Dostana. (GAY).

'All that glitters is not gold'
Very beautiful looking paan but not tasty at all. 

Shooting Practice
Notice the Helmet on Shiv.

Me shooting too. I thought I was good at shooting, but this experience proved me wrong. Notice the helmet.



I dont know what this was. It just look interesting so I clicked it.

Rock and Roll
Interesting name.

Ruby Hospital was also lighted up during the Puja. A lot of money is spent during the puja for electricity.

Swami Vivekananda.

Amazing lights.

Yogesh shooting.

Yogesh riding the byke.

Men at Work
Even during the puja's, road were being dug up. 

Thousands of volunteers and policemen were seen all around Kolkata helping the traffice and crowd. Good job guys.

Howrah Bridge.

Howrah Bridge from far away.

All the above photos were taken while we were on-the-move pandel hopping. The actual Durga Puja 2008 photos (of pandels and Ma Durga idols) are yet to be posted. Wait for them. 


Anonymous said...

u actually met saurav ganguly???

pic looks fabricated to me. hmmm....

Kuldip Kumar Garhwal said...

obviously we did not meet Saurav Ganguly. Do you think Saurav is mad enough to go pandel hopping in Calcutta? The crowd will go mad. It will be chaos.
The above photo of Saurav with Ma Durga was a poster.

Yogesh Goel said...

bhujiya looks like earthworms re..

baaki nicely written post man...
u mentioned all which i missed out..
u beautifully considered all whatever we clicked..

maza aaila re..