Blog Name: Prateek Raman
Blog Tagline: Who’s Father’s What Goes !!!
Blog Address: http://www.planetricks.com/


Blog Name: Seriously Joking
Blog Tagline: Information Madness 
Blog Address: http://zombieanoop.wordpress.com/


Blog Name: Traciana Mahogany 
Blog Tagline: The Ramblings of a Demented Mind
Blog Address: http://trixtersenred.livejournal.com/


Blog Name: Expect a Whack!!!! 
Blog Tagline: Looking for some time pass??? U r @ the right place…  
Blog Address: http://whimsicalmind.wordpress.com/


Blog Name: Hues of madness
Blog Tagline: To err is human, to blame someone else for your problem is strategic
Blog Address: http://huesofmadness.blogspot.com/


Blog Name: Chronicles of a Drama Queen
Blog Tagline: A 30-year old career woman cum yummy mummy who is also a quintessential Drama Queen blogs about life and love and everything in between.
Blog Address: http://foreverdramaqueen.blogspot.com/ 


Blog Name: Sauce!
Blog Tagline: We outdo others in useless things.
Blog Address: http://myownfairystories.blogspot.com/


Blog Name: A load of crap from an idle brain
Blog Tagline: NA
Blog Address: http://philip9876.wordpress.com/


Blog Name: Ejaculations of a Confused System 
Blog Tagline: A Staccato of Random Thoughts, Memories and Musings... Snowballed into a single entity by a highly eccentric mind 
Blog Address: http://asadscorner.blogspot.com/


Blog Name: The Not So Popular Blog
Blog Tagline: No type, No life.
Blog Address: http://thenotsopopular.blogspot.com/


If you have notice or have any of such funny and interesting blog names and descriptions (taglines), please drop them at the comments section below.


Jhangora said...

Interesting.Thanx a lot for the list.

Kuldip Kumar Garhwal said...

thanks jhangora

Philip said...

hahaha...thanks for linking my blog there. Cheers.

Kuldip Kumar Garhwal said...

You are welcome Philip. You have an interesting blog.

Javits said...

ha ha! so am I funny or interesting? Thanks for the link, either ways. Nice blog you have here.


Kuldip Kumar Garhwal said...

no type, no life
is interesting

your other blog
i dont understand the name
so i guess it ... funny.. haha

Anonymous said...

kannathil = on your cheeks in tamil language

eve said...

what an interesting list!!

Johnny Ancich said...

Past Expiry

Single panel cartoons (and free to use on your blog!)