Durga Puja 08 Lights

These LED Light arrangements were really popular this year. They look were beautiful, clean and clear designs and emits good colorful light.

Durga Puja 08 Lights (1)

Entrance of many pandels were made by these LED Lights.

Durga Puja 08 Lights (3)

This picture was taken at the Durga Puja Celebrations at Maniktala organised by Chalta Bagan Association. The whole road was covered with these blue light ball. It gave the whole road a very rich look. This photo was taken at 3:30am. See the energy in people. It was crowded.

Durga Puja 08 Lights (4)

Close up of the blue light ball. Basically it was made of hundreds of very small lights.

Durga Puja 08 Lights (6)

Interesting arrangement of chandelier. 

Durga Puja 08 Lights (2)

A chandelier is an important part of every pandel.


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