Shei je chhilo ek desh jekhaane aamra preme doobe thaktam
Shorir rokkhar bahanai nijeder eliye diye rakhtam
Khelai khelai melai melai ghure phire din katiye ditam
Sobbhota aar kolaar nam-e gaaner jolsha boshiye ditam
Internationalization-er khaatire bideshi maaler party kortam
Premer golpo bolaar jonno beach-e party bodle phirtam
Shei je chhilo ek desh jekhaane aamra sorbo-mosti upobhog kortam
Aar jekhaane ojuhaat chhara ochena bondhu banaate partam
Hai…Shei je chhilo ek desh….

I Miss Thailand…especially the friends I used to hangout with & the several infinite fun times with them.

Poem by Arijit Mahalanabis.


Adroit said...

I sympathize... and we are there for you! (collect ur cds)

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