Today morning, me, yogi, shiv and my DSLR set out to click photos. We first has some breakfast at Sharma's then we clicked some random photos at Victoria Memorial, Maidan, Howrah Bridge, New Bridge, Princep Ghat, etc. This is the first photo shoot with the new nikon d80 DSLR.


Spectators at the pavilion (waiting to play)

Upcoming Rawalpindi Express

Dada has retired... I'm in.

Training to beat Sachin


New Bridge

New Bridge 

Howrah Bridge

Howrah Bridge

Silhouette Howrah Bridge


J Walking

Gaddi Jatt Di (on Jassi's bike)

Princep Ghat and New Bridge

Heaven Light Our Guide
(outside the Victoria Memorial)

Earthen Pottery

Kesar Chai (Tea) in earthen pot (bhaand)

from my room window



Shooting the...


Milk Man on track

What to do now?

Men in Black

Cleanliness is next to Godliness

Man with Gum Boots on a dry sunny day. Weird.

Old Gen


Daring the Male

Financial Crisis

for Mitti (his favorite shopping destination)
uff... not WILLS Cigrattes... WILLS LIFESTYLE stores.




Jassi, Alok and Shiv

Yogesh on his new bike (Hero Honda Splendour)


Unknown said...

the cloudy pics have come out great. the earthen pottery is the best.
happy photographing!

Yogesh Goel said...

now that is what we call SLR..
maza aa gaya simply...
great pics re...

Kuldip Kumar Garhwal said...

my fav pics r:
J walking, Howrah Bridge BW, Clouds, Milk Man on tracks and Princep Ghat and New Bridge
indeed DSLR is great. clarity of photo + quick camera processor... its a great piece of equipment

manna said...

bhai grt photography
all guys are simply grt

Unknown said...

it's not only the camera, it's the skill of the person behind it, the photographer, credit must go to him/her. Anyways, great photos, but probably, the imagination is great.

Piyush said...

Nice but take care of WB and expo..

Kuldip Kumar Garhwal said...

Thanks Di.


Thanks for the great tip Piyush, I will remember it next time.