Following are some of the photos clicked by VP during her trip to home in Saraburi, Thailand this Diwali.

Mandir at the Aditya Birla Housing Colony in Saraburi, Thailand. 

Veeni's dad (GB) praying at a temple in Ayuthya.

Veeni Praying.

Sleeping Buddha, Ayuthya, Thailand.

Veeni's Mom (Rekha)

Thai Wax Museum

A typical Thai family from village.

I have no idea what these guys are trying to do. But its funny.

Thai Kids. Notice the pony tails on all the kids. 
This is very common hair style for Thai Kids. Looks cool.

This Wax Model looks really original. 
Notice the lines on his forehead. Its good work of art.

Four real people and three wax models.

Wax Model reading newspaper.

The Pegion Love Story

...Wow! She is so beautiful....

... I Love her... (Love at first sight)

...Oh no!!! Where did she go?...

...there she is...

...Wait for me... Here I come my love...

PS: All the above photographs are clicked by VP.
PS2: VP = Veeni Patel, my fiancee.


varsha said...

hello we know wat vp stands for... and yeh toh jarroor pata hai that she is u fiancee.. but tell me one thing wen r u gonna marry vp

Kuldip Kumar Garhwal said...

haha. arey sister dont worry, as soon as i know the dates you shall also know and i shall publish it on my blog also for the world to know. :) cheers.

AMIT said...

I like the pictures u shared here.

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