Recently, my uncle had an tiny operation, so we were at the hospital. Here are few glimpses of that.

A funny thing happened. We were sitting in the hospital room past visiting hours, talking to uncle, giving him company. A couple of time the nurse came and told us to leave, and we said ya ya we are just leaving in 2mins. In this went on for like half an hour. The the head nurse came to escort us out. And guess what she ended up talking to all of us for like half an hour. Hahaha.

Head nurse with uncle.

Tirupati Balaji at the Bell Vue Hospital, Kolkata

View from the hospital room.

Shyam & Sanjay Jiju exhausted.

Really colorful & lighten up chemist shop

The head nurse again


Anonymous said...

what man,u guys r total nautankis...

manna said...

as one of ur fren said u guys are nautankis ........but ur sis really like this nautankissss
good to see..... i really miss u all people .....