Above four pic is of Shamasis (aka sis). My most sophisticated school friend. Below is what I found on his website. It's interesting. Read on.

Source: http://www.shamasis.net/cms/

About Shamasis Bhattacharya

"being oneself eludes the trauma of beckoning the greener grass" - shamasis bhattacharya

Shamasis Bhattacharya is actually born on the 1st of April!

He is a natural Arian. As a person, he is very helpful, kind and is very soft-hearted. He loves animals, trees, people and nature. He is very practical, diplomatic and pragmatic. No doubt he is very lazy and sleeps for over 10 hours! His favourite colour is red - the colour of passion and his favourite number is 21.

He studied at South Point High School till the fourth standard. There, he used to be a pretty unnoticed an unworthy student. Somehow, though he found his friends there to be very cool, yet he used to feel an "out of system" person in his academics. (He sincerely pays his regards to Nilanjana Aunty, who was his class teacher of his final year in that school. He still remembers her.)

Thanks to his dad and Aunt, that the problem was unearthed and he was shifted to ISC board from Madhyamik. He got admitted to Don Bosco School Liluah. And completed his +2 from that school itself. In the new school, things were different. Not only was the style of teaching different, but also the entire environment was very homely (unlike the over-professional environment of South Point.) In his school, he discovered lots of talent in himself, which had been lying locked and uncovered in his previous school. He was the President of the Computer Club of DBL for consecutive three years. (Thanks to Sir Suman Ray, without whom his knack for computers would have had remained unnoticed.) During the same tenure, he had been associated with The Statesman Voices and he was the first School Coordinator from DBL for The Statesman Voices Supplement. He was a regular writer of news reports, short stories, poems and other pieces. He still cherishes those huge number of fan mails which, in fact, he still receives. hat was not it, he used to be a regular event anchor in his school, outside school and for Statesman as well. His oratory skills landed him with lots of debate and extemporé certificates in his purse. (He believes that he owes all his skill in English Language to Mrs. Ratna Halder of his school and to his beloved Aunt.)

However, these did not harm his academics to a very great extent. He received a modest 80% in ISCE and 84% in ISC. But, to top it all, he cherishes his highest of 98% in his computer marks. (Once again thanks to Sir Suman Ray. But He still does wonder how he lost two marks!)

He secured a good rank in AIEEE and got admitted to Techno Group's Netaji Subhash Engineering College in BTECH Computer Science and Technology. Keeping a steady SGPA f 8.22, he secured a placement at CTS (Cognizant Technology Solutions) from his college.

Out of all these activities, he did not forget his hobbies and passion. His hobbies include playing the guitar (which he is still learning,) writing his book of short-stories and poems and finally... COMPUTERS.

People say that Computer is his second girlfriend! And that he believes to be very true. Since the second standard, he was fascinated with computers. And his first break arrived when his dad bought him a PC in class seven. (Even after having bought a second PC, he cannot sell off his old and the first one. Because he believes that whether be it living or non-living, love and commitment should be shown to all. Just like we will not dump our friends if they become old, similarly...). Sorry for being emotional, but it should be mentioned that he values emotions a hell lot.

He had been assembling computers, developing applications and websites since the ninth standard. Beginning with his Club's website, now he has a whole bunch of sites and applications under his belt. He has his own Company named "TwentyOne Innovations", since he was sixteen years of age. Under his company, he has designed websites for his school, for is school past pupil association http://www.dblpp.org/ (which had received international accreditation of the WORLD'S TOP TEN Websites by LETU, USA.) He has also developed websites for other NGOs (temporarily uploaded at: http://www.bandelchurch.tk )

His Company (21i) is [b]presently designing websites of the Telegraph News Group: http://www.telegraphindia.com/penguinoffer/, and the official website for Sananda Tilottama Beauty Pageant: http://www.tilottama.in/. These are just a few to mention. Also note: (http://www.nutradvice.com/, http://www.xcuseme.co.in/, http://24framesonline.com/, http://111.kyakare.com/, http://www.eregnow.com/, etc )

For those who want to know his technical skills, I will be brief: C/C++/C#, VB/VB.NET, INTERDEV, HTML/DHTML, ASP, JSP, SQL, J2EE, MS DBMS, VB/JAVA SCRIPTING, PHP, etc. Presently working on J2ME for Mobile Embedded Technology, XML and XSLT.

This was Shamasis Bhattacharya as I saw from outside.
But, what is he from inside, is something that I will write later (very soon.) till then I want you all to express what you know or speculation of what he is from the inside.

Yours Truly,
S/O Shamasis Bhattacharya.

PS: S/O implies Shadow Of

PS from Kuldip: I published this without Shamasis's permission. Sis, I hope you dont mind.