Am sure most of netters keep encountering 404 (Page not found) errors from time to time... I've seen quite a few sites who tend to spice up such pages and adds that little zing to the lighter side of life ;)

Here check this site out:
The page won't load, it'll give a 404 Error - but DO READ THE CONTENTS of the 404. :D
-- Thanks to my friend Avantika, who pointed this out to me.

And here's another one - from one of my incomplete OpenSource sites. Just go to
This 404 will come up when you enter any random stuff after the domain. It'll take a while to go through it, but trust me your patience will be rewarded richly ;)
-- Thanks to another of my tech geek friends Shridhar, for providing the original content.
If the last one made you laugh out loud, am sure this one will make you roll on the floor.

From, Microscopic Earthling (Sourjo)