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Change Bihar and UP and everything will be okay in Kolkata, Delhi and Mumbai.

These two states have 25% of India's population, worst HDI in the world
and huge migration (60% of total migrants are from these two states and 95% of
poor and unskilled migrants are from these two states too). It's simply not
possible for these three cities to take any more burden from these two states.

Kolkata (especially Howrah) has already collapsed and now our beautiful
Mumbai is under seige and ugly, smelly, backward slums have taken over most of
India's best city. Mumbai is now descending into the Calcutta chaos.

Delhi has been totally dirtied by poor migrants from UP and Bihar.

It is not really their fault though. Poor and hungry people will always
move to big cities.

Many recent articles are showing how unabated
population growth in these two states is pulling down the performance of India's
average in all human development indicators. Take out Bihar and UP and the
picture looks to be at least in the improve mode. Add those two states in and
you see only disaster awaiting to happen.

The GOI, Govt of Bihar or Govt
of UP need to seriously do something about upliftment of Bihar and Uttar

Photos are very touching.

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Piyush said...

This is not a matter of migration of these cities... Since Bihar n' UP gov. not able to provide better life for their ppl.. they have no other choice n' moving out to other cities.. I bet u, give them some other cities where they can improve their life style.. they wil happy to move. but I m sure situation will get improved.. like if u see Jharkhand.. Hoping for best buddy.. but its not correct to say ppl are migrating.. they are just finding place where they can get food..