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Dear Friend,

Finally in this ever-growing world of the internet, you have one place where you can ZEROIN on the most important and necessary things, be it your Cellular Service Provider or your Broadband Provider, or and Hot News in your town or Cricket trivias or any issues you want to resolve with the help of other people from the internet community.

To top it all, we have our spirituality section (Art of Living), the Love Zone, the Fwds section for all sms and email forwards, Fun Point for all that you never wanted to speak in public.

This is the all-in-one forum where you can have your own word. Express your grievances or share your experiences. Abuse the services or inform other of the latest offerings.

We, at ZEROIN hope to make this place the most happening place on the internet. Join us in our endaveour to make this site the largest collection of peoples own views.

ZeroIn Forum
Note: Yogesh, Vivek and I started zeroin forum a month ago and now the site has more than 300+ members, 800+ articles/posts, and 27,000 page views - all in one months time.