3 Biggest Software Lies
* The program's fully tested and bugfree.
* We're working on the documentation.
* Of course we can modify it.

3 Biggest MNC Lies
* We have an entrepreneurial spirit here.
* People are our greatest resource.
* We say 'let the marketplace decide'.

3 Biggest Marketing Lies
* Immediate delivery?...No problem.
* We treat every customer as if they were our most important.
* We're going out to lunch to talk business.

3 Biggest supermodels lies
* Women normally look like that.
* I was interested in modelling since 3.
* Fasting and dieting is good for your health.

3 Biggest life lies
* ..and they lived happily ever after.
* Dying is painless.
* Things have gotten so bad that they couldn't possibly get worse.

3 Biggest parent lies
* We're doing this for your own interest.
* You can have that later (when you're older).
* The family can't afford it now.


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