Today evening, me, my dad and our factory neighbours were chatting. Dad started telling a story. The title of the story was "Something has happened and something is yet to happen." I enjoyed the story very much so I would like to share it with you all. 

This is how it goes.

Some guy found a skelton head, on it the words "Something has happened and something is yet to happen" was inscribed. The guy was a little confused. He thought that this is a skelton head, what is left to happen to it? Because its a dead person's skelton head. He was confused and wanted to find what is left to happen. So he carried it home and hid it in the store room. 

At least once everyday he used to go to the store room and check the skelton, whether something more has happened to it or not. This continued for many days. The guy's wife got suspicious and wanted to find out what is going on. Why her husband goes to the store room everyday and comes out without doing anything. So one fine day, she searched the store room, when the husband was not at home, and found the skelton head.

She thought that this skelton head must be of the guys lover or previous wife or girl friend. So got furious. She took the skelton head and made it powder by beating it again and again. Then she carried it and went to a far away river and through the powdered skelton head into the river. 

In the evening the guy came back home and as usual went to the store room to check the skelton head. After not finding the head in to the store room, he enquired his wife about it. She told him with anger that she found it and made it into powder and through it into the river. 

The guy laughed and laughed. So this is what was left to happen. 

Moral of the story: There is no end to life. Something has happened and somethings are yet to happen. 


xanindia said...

"Something has happened and somethings are yet to happen", It's one of my beliefs. I love this saying and your blogs thought is what counts.