I guess that was the ratio between Hindu Gods and Indians, a couple of decades ago (prior to the boom in the Human Production Industry in India.) There are millions of Gods, Goddesses and deities in Hinduism.

‘One god for all’ concept does not work in Hinduism. Why is this, the case? Why can’t we all settle for one supreme power?

Laxmi is the Goddess of Wealth, Saraswati is the Goddess of art and education, whereas Kali is the Goddess of Death. Why do we have to have one god for one purpose? It’s like specialization, where one God takes care of one field.

The amount of money spent on the celebrations (prayer service) for each Gods and Goddess is humongous. In India there is some celebration on for a Hindu deity almost every month or weeks sometimes.

Yesterday it was the day of celebration for Saraswati. I was on a two-wheeler coming back home from Howrah, and believe it or not, I saw four separate celebrations for the same Goddess (Saraswati) in a span of 25 meters. For god sake, stop spending so much money and get together and celebrate. Joys can be multiplied.

Below are a couple of photos of the Saraswati Goddess at the recent celebration at my apartment. It’s edited in Adobe Photoshop.

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Below is a collage I made for my dad. We are in the process of printing several copies of these which will be gifted to friends, family and well-wishers. I tried to bring all the Gods and Goddess together.

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jushottlips said...

there is only 1 God even in hinduism....ya we got different dieties but there is ONLY 1 God ok,worshiped in different forms.....n true we spend alot of money in doing worship ,i tink we can give this money as charity true....but we dont so might as well spend it to worship lol..but ppl dont try to kill our traditions n stop our way of living.....so to all my hindu brothers n sisters.....dont let anyone beat u tht u worship alot of Gods.....its 1 God in different forms to suit our various needs.....same like if u r loving to ur wife u call her hunny,n then if u r wanting to b harsh u might call her a dumbo head lol......so see 2 names for d same person when u r in different mood lol..so smal but simple example........so pray alot,give charity and remember service to man is service to God.....One love & peace to humanity

Anonymous said...

there is still that one supreme being, it doesnt matter if He takes different forms...or does it?

Kuldip Kumar Garhwal said...

thanks for sharing your views